Sea Change Statement on Katie Hill’s Resignation

This weekend, we learned that Katie Hill is resigning from her Congressional seat.

While we are disappointed with this outcome, we are not disheartened.

The 25th Congressional District was the first and most frequent place that many of our volunteers knocked doors, made calls, and registered voters. We built new partnerships with grassroots organizers in and around the district. And we saw that with all of the hard work and commitment, we could create a sea change together.

We helped elect the candidate that voters in the 25th selected to move through a crowded primary, and in her time in office Katie made significant contributions to the district and served as a leader among the other newly-elected members of Congress.

Flipping that seat didn’t happen because of a single person. And holding on to it and continuing the work Katie started will depend on everyone continuing to do the grassroots organizing we’ve had plenty of practice at.

Vacant House seats are filled by special election. The timing of that election will depend on Katie’s official resignation date. Gov. Gavin Newsom has two weeks from the day the seat becomes vacant to pick a date for that special election.

We’ll be in touch in the coming weeks as we learn more about the date and the candidates entering the race.

Today, though, our thoughts are with our friends and community partners in CA-25 and with the constituents across the district. They deserve the best possible representation and we will be there to help in whatever way we can as they work to elect a new member of Congress.

In solidarity,
Sea Change

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