How We Resist


Join Sea Change volunteers as we knock on doors in red Congressional districts and talk to Democratic voters about the issues that matter to them and the importance of getting out to vote and flipping their district in 2018. We provide training, transportation, food, and all the materials you’ll need to have a successful conversation. Brush up on Canvassing tips and tricks by visiting our resource guide.

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While going door-to-door is the most effective way to engage with voters, talking to them on the phone is a close second! Sea Change holds both virtual phone banks (everyone calls from their own home) and in-person phone banks (you join us at a central location for calls, snacks, and camaraderie). During phone banks, we recruit volunteers, talk to voters about the issues they care about, and have conversations about how we can team up together to resist the Trump agenda. Learn how to phone bank by visiting our resource guide.


Education = power! Join us for thoughtful discussions, info on complicated political topics, and town halls with elected officials, where you’ll get to ask questions and learn more about how you can get involved and resist.

We’re working on scheduling lots of events in 2018. In the meantime, watch our recent discussion with Ambassador (ret.) Norm Eisen, “Suing the President: Fighting for Our Democracy.”


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