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We flipped the House in 2018, but now it’s time to defend the seats we helped flip from red to blue. And we can’t do it without dedicated people like you! On this page you’ll find:


This is it — the activity that makes the biggest difference in a campaign. Studies have shown that the best way to get a commitment to vote is through face-to-face engagement. When you volunteer for a canvass, a campaign will give you a script and flyers that will help guide your conversations as you talk to voters about the issues that matter to them; the candidate; and how to make a plan to vote.

All of the campaigns we’re helping out also use an app to canvass. This makes door knocking easier and faster. Use your smartphone to download PDI Mobile Connect (click here for Apple devices; and click here for Android devices) and bring it with you on your canvass. If you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll be partnered with someone who does.

Canvassing 101 Training Video:

How to Canvass with the PDI App:

Swing Left Canvassing Guide

Introvert’s Guide to Canvassing


You can phone bank with a group (Sea Change does it every week in Culver City) or on your own at home.┬áIt’s a great way to reach voters and have conversations about the issues that matter most to them.

Swing Left Phone Bank Training

Top 5 Phone Banking Tips

Swing Left Phone Banking Guide

Swing Left Phone Banking Tip Sheet


Want to learn a little more about who we’re supporting? Take a look at the information library for each candidate below. (Thank you to our friends at the Westside Democratic HQ for putting these fact sheets together!)

Gil Cisneros (CA39)
Brea, Fullerton,
Diamond Bar

Katie Hill (CA25)
The Antelope, Santa
Clarita & Simi Valleys

Mike Levin (CA49)
Oceanside, Vista,

Katie Porter (CA45)
Tustin, Irvine,
Aliso Viejo

Harley Rouda (CA48)
Huntington Beach, Seal
Beach, Fountain Valley

Ready to put your new canvassing and phone banking skills to use for these outstanding candidates? Sign up to canvass or phone bank before Election Day!

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